Frio Nature Conservancy

We all grew up with mosquitoes,
but they were not carrying a deadly virus.

The 12/11/12 CDC (Center for Disease Control) Data
shows that:

100% of us in the United States have a better than 50% chance of
being bitten by an infected West Nile Virus Vector Mosquito.

20% of us that are
diagnosed with West Nile have a better than
50% chance of coming down with the
neuroinvasive version
of West Nile (brain & spinal column swelling up)........

Currently 10% of those do not make it.

On 7/08/2012 DALLAS CO. TEXAS was testing 60.0% of all
Mosquito samples collected as testing
POSITIVE for West Nile Virus.

Wyoming about that same time was testing its mosquitoes as
POSITIVE for West Nile Virus.

FNC has been tracking West Nile Virus in
North America since 2001.

We have fine tuned our ability to visually convey to you  
your exposure to the concentrated
Pools of Potential West Nile Virus Vector Mosquitoes

Please use this information to your best advantage.

                                       Thank you,       
                                        John R Schuehle
  Frio Nature Conservancy

In  2013