Frio Nature Conservancy
Bats have been around for thousands of years, helping to keep our ecological
system in balance. From early on, in the 19th century, scientist and doctor
Charles Campbell theorized that if he could attract bats to a certain area that
these bats could be used to eradicate the malaria carrying mosquitoes, in the
San Antonio, Texas area.
To learn more of Dr.Campbell's quest click here.
Dr Campbell, erected this bat house to lure the bats to
the area. Prior to its being built, mosquitoes were able
to attack the farm workers, in such numbers, forcing
them from the fields, at night, allowing the crops to go
to ruin. Within three years of its erection, the mosquito
problem was well under control and so was the spread
of malaria.

For his work and discovery, Dr Campbell, on Feb 10,
1919, was nominated by the State of Texas for the Noble
Prize for Medicine.

Using the methods, and studying the results, of this
remarkable man, FNC is more than confident that the
eradication of our latest viral threat, the West Nile Virus,
can be achieved using the same techniques that was
found to be successful, in his work.
FNC's founder, John R Schuehle, has long been associated, from childhood, with
bats located on the family ranch, home to the Ney Bat Cave and the Frio Bat Cave,
which he manages to this date. Applying the methods that he has learned over the
years, John has been successful in luring the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat (a
predominant predator of the mosquito) to roost in many outlying areas of the cave,
even large metropolitan areas such as Houston, TX in as little as 7 days.

Click here to view a short video, that was produced by the History Channel's Modern
Marvels relating to the Frio Cave.

Over the years, John has enlisted the assistance of numerous volunteers, from
across the country, that are interested in his plight and serve as his field
representatives. They erect bat houses, collect guano samplings, provide local
information and act as liaisons between FNC and their local communities.  With this
assistance and embracing the techniques of Dr. Campbell and including modern
technology, i.e.,  DNA testing, satellite imagery and Doppler Radar, FNC is capable of
tracking the mosquito and bat population, virtually anywhere. With this
comprehensive knowledge, FNC is able to alert local Vector Control authorities as to
where their problems exist  and recommend possible solutions to them. Not only, is
this cost effective but it has proven to be successful. An example of this is the
massive reduction of the West Nile Virus detection in Nueces and San Patricio
counties of Texas, between 2006 and 2007, a result of the diligent cooperative
efforts of these counties.

FNC is more than aware that it takes community action to reach its goal of
eradicating the virus. To this end, FNC has embarked upon an educational program
to reach schools, civic organizations, local governments and the public through this
website, educational materials, cooperative efforts of TV and Radio stations,
newspapers and where possible live presentations.

Funding for FNC is obtained from individual donations and sales of Bat Guano
Products, under the name of GUANO-GRO
TM,  a company owned by our founder, that
mines and distributes the guano from the Frio Cave of Texas.
FNC, Inc. A Texas 501 (c) (3) non-Profit Corporation was established in 2004. Since that time
FNC, Inc. In addition to Bat Conservation has grown into the largest Early Warning provider of
Target Specific (TS) Areas of  West Nile Virus Infected Mosquitoes in North America.
Headquartered in Aransas Pass, Texas (near Corpus Christi), FNC, Inc. Represents the
principal distributor of (TS) real time satellite data for the feeding patterns of the Culex
mosquito which carries the West Nile Virus